3ft SpanSet slings truss rigging SteelTex Round Stage with aircraft steel cable inside – Made in USA

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ProX Live Performance Gear Canada

ProX 3ft SpanSet slings truss rigging SteelTex Round Stage with aircraft steel cable inside – Made in USA

These lightweight roundslings are ideal for easy and inconspicuous suspension of stage sound and lighting equipment. Black sleeve material helps the sling blend into its surroundings. The load bearing member of our Steel-Tex round sling is made of galvanized steel aircraft cable wound in an endless configuration. The wire core is encased in a heavy black polyester cover. A unique inspection window with a velcro closure is located beside the capacity tag. This wide window allows for easy inspection of the core for broken wires or corrosion.

Steel-Tex round slings (commonly known as a GAC [Galvanized Aircraft Cable] slings) can be found at every entertainment venue and event where rigging is hung. Spanset Steel-Tex Slings feature a galvanized aircraft cable wound in an endless configuration for lifting strength, and the wire core is encased in a black double-wall polyester jacket.

Steel-Tex Slings are ideal in event settings with stage truss roofing systems, Stage hoist and line array speakers. For easy assessment of any damage to the sling, Steel-Tex feature an inspection window in the jacket to check the core for broken wires or corrosion. With the help of Steel-Tex Stage Slings, rigging your production to fly is easy and safe.

There are a number of  ways to sling a truss in a correct manner, however it is always important to remember these few things:

Correct Rigging Methods:

  • Where possible, use the lower cords of the truss as the connecting point
  • Always sling in a compression configuration rather than tension configuration
  • Where possible, it is good practice to rig at the €˜Node€™ point

Things to remember:

  • All rigging of trusses should be done by licensed persons
  • You must never exceed the system’s W.L.L for operations – Including any dynamic loadings that may applied
  • Where possible, you should sling at a €˜Node€™ point
  • A deformed truss is not a safe truss

  • Black double-wall cover
  • Consistently matched lengths
  • Lightweight, soft, and pliable
  • A standard in the concert and theatrical industries
  • Ideal for inconspicuous suspension of sound and lighting equipment
  • Dark color capacity tag
  • Made by €œSpanSet€ – the first name in Roundslings,
  • Made in USA

All Truss Segments – Fits most brands

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


ProX Live Performance Gear

ProX Live Performance Gear makes products that are designed for professionals, by professionals. Our motto is simple; "Quality, without compromise". We believe the highest quality of components met with cutting edge design allows us to achieve our goals at a competitive price point. In 1984 ProX Started by manufacturing flight cases for broadcasting production and touring companies. Now specializing in manufacturing specific DJ controller cases for brands like Pioneer, Yamaha and DiGiCo as well as products like lighting cases, stands, cables, and bags.

All cases use CNC technology, during the manufacturing process, to assure that cases are consistently built with strict specifications and tolerances that are required for the high-quality standards that ProX cases have been known for. ProX Listens to customer feedback and consistently create outstanding solutions for all your needs. The Flip-Ready cases are manufactured in Poland and are handcrafted for quality control and individually tesfad for smooth operation. The Flip-Ready design allows for easy, one person, instead of four, movement from the transport position to operational position with virtually no effort.

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ProX Live Performance Gear Canada


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