ProX StageQ Platform Telescoping Legs 12 to 15″ Height – Adjustable to 16″
March 10, 2023
ProX StageQ™ Locking Staging 16″ Height Stage Legs with 5″ Rubber Steel Casters | Set of 4
March 10, 2023
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ProX Adjustable Telescoping StageQ Leg for XSQ Staging 16 Inch to 24 Inch | 2 Inch Tubing

ProX XSQ-16-24 Adjustable Telescoping StageQ™ Leg for XSQ Staging 16 Inch to 24 Inch | 2 Inch Tubing


ProX Live Performance Gear Canada

The ProX XSQ-16-24 is a (4) Pack of Adjustable Telescoping Stage Leg for or XSQ Staging 16 In. to 24 In.  Manufactured with 2″ Tubing to fit in the StageQ™ platform pockets.

All ProX XSQ portable stage decks are elevated or supported by either our standard fixed height aluminum stage legs or our adjustable multi-height aluminum stage legs. Both style legs are manufactured from 2″ aluminum tubing plus the adjustable legs have a larger diameter tube that fits outside the inner pipe for adjusting the height.  The legs have a steel pin to secure the adjusting system and come with safety clips tethered on a stainless steel cable to prevent loss. 

These adjustable legs offer good support and strength at an affordable price.  Legs come standard with a 2-inch adjustable screw foot for fine leveling. Black rubber pad on the bottom so it will not mar or scratch any floor surface including gym floors.  Stage Q portable stage decks in 4′ x 4′ and 4′ x 8′ use 4 legs for each section.  Adjustable stage legs are most often used in outdoor applications on unlevel terrain to quickly level your portable stage. They are also used indoor or on level surfaces and give you the flexibility of having multiple heights while owning one just set of legs. Adjustable legs include an outer and an inner leg plus a pin and screw foot for adjusting. The inner leg that fits inside your leg socket is made from the same exact size pipe as our standard fixed height legs.  The outer pipe is the pipe that slides up and down for adjusting and has holes every 2″ plus a 2″ screw foot for fine leveling.

  • Legs have an ultimate tensile strength of at least 28,000 psi
  • StageQ™ is engineered to support 1100 lbs per 4′ x 4′ area of uniformly distributed live load
  • ProX One Year (365 days) Limited Warranty


ProX XSQ-4×8 and XSQ-4×4 Stage

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 18 in


ProX Live Performance Gear

ProX Live Performance Gear makes products that are designed for professionals, by professionals. Our motto is simple; "Quality, without compromise". We believe the highest quality of components met with cutting edge design allows us to achieve our goals at a competitive price point. In 1984 ProX Started by manufacturing flight cases for broadcasting production and touring companies. Now specializing in manufacturing specific DJ controller cases for brands like Pioneer, Yamaha and DiGiCo as well as products like lighting cases, stands, cables, and bags.

All cases use CNC technology, during the manufacturing process, to assure that cases are consistently built with strict specifications and tolerances that are required for the high-quality standards that ProX cases have been known for. ProX Listens to customer feedback and consistently create outstanding solutions for all your needs. The Flip-Ready cases are manufactured in Poland and are handcrafted for quality control and individually tesfad for smooth operation. The Flip-Ready design allows for easy, one person, instead of four, movement from the transport position to operational position with virtually no effort.

GTR Direct is a proud dealer for ProX Canada
ProX Live Performance Gear Canada


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