Main view Digiflex LPP-PTL520-1203-6 6 Foot
Digiflex 6 Foot Multi-Conductor Male to 6xTwist-Lock Female
March 4, 2022
Main view Digiflex P19-FL 19 Pin
Digiflex 19 Pin Female Connector Inline Type
March 4, 2022
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Digiflex 6 Foot Multi-Conductor Female -6 Twist-Lock Male

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Digiflex LPP-TL520P-1203-6 6 Foot Multi-Conductor Female -6 Twist-Lock Male – professional grade touring cable using 14 AWG SJOOW cables, with Phase3 19-pin (Socapex compatible) and Hubbell connectors.


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Digiflex Canada

Connector Codes & Configurations

Code        Male Connector           Female Connector
PP              Phase3 P19                    Phase3 P19
PU             Phase3 P19                     Hubbell 5969VBLK
UP             Hubbell 5965VBLK        Phase3 P19
PTL520     Phase3 P19                     Hubbell 2313
TL520P     Hubbell 2311                   Phase3 P19
PB             Phase3 P19                     Blunt Cut
BP             Blunt Cut                        Phase3 P19



Digiflex Canada is manufacturer and importer of high quality cables for the entertainment industry. Since 1983, Digiflex has gained a worldwide reputation for quality products and workmanship.

GTR Direct is a proud dealer for Digiflex Canada

Digiflex Canada

1 review for Digiflex 6 Foot Multi-Conductor Female -6 Twist-Lock Male

  1. Chris Black

    Great product

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