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March 9, 2022
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March 9, 2022
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Digiflex 6 Inch NK1/6 Patch Cable Right Angle

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Digiflex NGG-0.5 6 Inch NK1/6 Patch Cable Right Angle – for pedal boards, keyboard rigs, small mixers, and any setup that needs to maximize space. We use our world renowned NK1/6 cable and Neutrik NP2RX slimline connectors.


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Digiflex Canada

Unbalanced Shielded Cable
NP2RX-D (x2)
Nickel Mono Right Angle Phone



Digiflex Canada is manufacturer and importer of high quality cables for the entertainment industry. Since 1983, Digiflex has gained a worldwide reputation for quality products and workmanship.

GTR Direct is a proud dealer for Digiflex Canada

Digiflex Canada

1 review for Digiflex 6 Inch NK1/6 Patch Cable Right Angle

  1. Chris Black

    Great cable

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