LumiOS® NUKE9 – Blinder/Strobe/Wash – LED RGBW

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The LumiOS® NUKE9™ is an ultra bright LED RGBW flood / blinder / strobe. With a face made up of 1320 0.6W RGB LEDs, it boasts a high power output as a strobe or wash fixture. The NUKE9™ is a multi purpose fixture perfect for permanent installation and rugged enough for mobile production use. RGBW Color Mixing 3IN1, IP65 rating, Built to CSA specifications.

All of our Blinder Lights & Strobe Lights are designed and engineered in Canada. We offer superior service and warranty. All of our products are QPS certified





GTR Direct is a proud dealer of LumiOS®–a robust ecosystem designed for seamless connectivity and streamlined automation in lighting and entertainment systems. This innovative solution transforms professional lighting, covering dynamic stage lighting, detailed theatre setups, vivid LED video walls, and precise digital LED control. It blends advanced technology with simplicity, ensuring all entertainment lighting is easily managed.

Stage Lighting

LumiOS® enhances any venue with its top-tier stage lighting solutions, designed to boost live performances. Products like the versatile Phantom R2 and the precise Leko 200WW meet diverse professional needs. These lights create engaging and lively setups that capture audience attention.

Moreover, the system includes essential lights for various atmospheres, from soft ambiance to energetic dance floors. The Nuke9 Blinder Strobe Wash, for instance, is ideal for both strobe and wash effects, suitable for stages and clubs.

LED Video Wall

Adding LumiOS® LED video wall panels improves visual experiences, crucial for concerts and events. Their strong performance and easy integration allow for stunning high-definition displays. These panels turn visual stories into captivating experiences.

Digital LED Control

The heart of the system is its digital LED control. Running on many Linux/Android systems, the central hub handles all real-time protocols and manages nodes to synchronize every lighting element. It provides detailed control for crafting complex lighting scenes, from colorful RGB lights to detailed DMX setups.

In terms of connectivity and network management, the system shines with its TCP/IP tools, network switching, and DHCP server capabilities. It ensures flexibility and security for various needs, including residential, commercial, or high-security environments.

Embrace the Power of LumiOS® at GTR Direct

Explore how our solutions in stage lighting, LED video walls, and digital LED control can transform your events, making them truly unforgettable.

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  1. Dasha

    Excellent strobe light

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