Turbosound TCS-122-64 Full Range Loudspeaker

Main view Turbosound TCS122/64-AN Loudspeaker
Turbosound TCS122/64-AN Loudspeaker
December 9, 2021
Main view Turbosound TCS-122-64-WH Full Range
Turbosound TCS-122-64-WH Full Range Loudspeaker
December 9, 2021
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Turbosound TCS-122-64 Full Range Loudspeaker

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The Turbosound TCS-122-64 Full Range Loudspeakers – is a switchable bi-amp/passive two-way full-range loudspeaker designed for use in a wide range of fixed installations. The loudspeaker consists of a 12″ reflex-loaded low-frequency driver.


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Turbosound Canada

Features of the Turbosound TCS-122-64 Full Range Loudspeaker:
Arrayable two-way full-range loudspeaker for installation applications
Multiple array configurations for extended coverage
Rotatable Dendritic waveguide with 60° H x 40° V dispersion
Switchable passive/bi-amp operation for flexibility of use
Double trapezoidal cabinet shape enables visually unobtrusive loudspeaker arrays
Multiple internal rigging points allow bracket mount and suspension in any orientation
Designed and engineered in England



For over 40 years Turbosound has repeatedly shown award-winning innovation and leadership in the world of high end professional audio, producing landmark products that have defined and shaped the live industry.

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Turbosound Canada

1 review for Turbosound TCS-122-64 Full Range Loudspeaker

  1. Chris Black

    Great loudspeaker

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