Welcome to GTR Direct’s extensive range of Novastar LED video wall control systems, designed to meet all your LED display needs with cutting-edge technology and superior performance.

All-in-One Processor

Our all-in-one LED video wall controllers streamline operations by integrating multiple functions into a single device. These robust units are perfect for scenarios requiring a compact yet powerful solution, optimizing both space and functionality.

LED Video Wall Controller (Standard)

Control and configure your LED displays effortlessly with our standard controllers. These devices provide reliable and user-friendly interfaces, making it easy to manage your video wall’s performance and settings.

LED Video Wall Processors

Our top-of-the-line LED video wall processors offer unmatched processing power, enabling you to manage complex visuals with ease. From scaling to real-time content deployment, these processors ensure your displays deliver maximum impact.

Fiber Converters

Ensure long-distance signal integrity with our fiber converters. Ideal for large venues or multi-location setups, these devices extend the reach of your video signals without loss of quality, making them essential for expansive video wall installations.

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Multimedia Players

Enhance your displays with our multimedia players that support a variety of media formats and provide seamless playback. These players are engineered to sync perfectly with other Novastar components, delivering a synchronized viewing experience that’s both dynamic and engaging.

Receiving Cards

Critical to any LED setup, our receiving cards process incoming data to deliver sharp, accurate visuals. Designed to work effortlessly with Novastar’s advanced technology, they ensure your video wall displays vibrant images flawlessly.

Splicing Processors

For operations that require multiple input sources to be displayed as one cohesive output, our splicing processors are the ideal choice. They merge various feeds into a single, unified image across multiple screens without compromising on quality.

Each category of the LED video wall systems is equipped with Novastar’s trusted technology, ensuring you get not only the best in LED display solutions but also products that lead in innovation and reliability. Enhance your setups with our LED video wall controllers and processors, tailored to meet the diverse needs of any venue or event.