We supply Stage truss and accessories including but not limited to;
DJ lighting truss for lighting trussing and stage lighting truss to be called truss lighting. sometimes black truss and box truss are used as dj truss.
F34 Square Aluminum Truss as well as ladder truss and large flat screen truss. we carry square truss silverStage Truss f34 all stage trussing.

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GTR Industries is an authorized reseller for Stage truss and accessories made by Global Truss America | GTR Trussing systems | Cosmic truss

Truss projects differ greatly between customers. with some only requiring us to design a fairly simple display structure for them, whilst other projects may require a specific aesthetic, or substantial loading capabilities along with custom mounts and fixture points. This is why GTR design and consultation services are offered to all our clients and potential clients during the planning and quotation process.