ProX 4x Replacement Black Fabric Scrim with Bag for XF-VISTA MK2

ProX XF-VISTA SCRIM BLK Replacement Black Fabric Scrim with Bag for XF-VISTA MK2

ProX Live Performance Gear Canada
UPC: 804589615217UPC: 804589615217

ProX XF-VISTA SCRIM BLK Facade cover scrims are very versatile and best used for all occasions.  After everyday use, you can clean your scrims in a washing machine, and because of the stretchable material they’ll always be wrinkle-free! Air drying is highly recommended.

WARNING! These scrim products are for temporary use ONLY and NOT for permanent installation. Keep away from open flames, sparks, direct heat or any type of electrical fixtures and outlets. ProX Live Performance Gear is not responsible for any bodily injury or property damage caused by misuse of this product. Scrims can be machine washed and air-dried only. Do not use harsh chemicals or chlorine bleach. Factory fire retardant loses effectiveness with washing and over time. Re-treat as needed.

  • Black Lycra Fabric
  • 4-Fabric Scrims Panels
  • Includes velcro on all sides



ProX Live

ProX Live Performance Gear

ProX creates products designed for professionals, by professionals. Our motto is simple: "Quality, without compromise." We believe the highest quality components, combined with cutting-edge design, allow us to achieve our goals at a competitive price point. Since 1984, ProX has manufactured flight cases for broadcasting, production, and touring companies. Now specializing in DJ controller cases for brands like Pioneer, Yamaha, and DiGiCo, as well as lighting cases, audio cases, stands, cables, and bags.

We use CNC technology in our manufacturing process to ensure cases meet strict specifications and tolerances, maintaining the high-quality standards ProX is known for. The brand listens to customer feedback and consistently create outstanding solutions for all your needs. Their Flip-Ready cases, handcrafted in Poland, undergo individual testing for smooth operation. The Flip-Ready design allows for easy, one-person movement from transport to operational position with virtually no effort.

GTR Direct is a proud dealer for ProX in Canada.

ProX Live Performance Gear Canada


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