For Soundcraft VI2000 Flip-Ready Hydraulic Console Easy Retracting Lifting Case with 2x 2U Rack Space by ZCASE

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ProX Live Performance Gear Canada

ProX XZF-SCVI2000D2x2U For Soundcraft VI2000 Flip-Ready Hydraulic Console Easy Retracting Lifting Case with 2x 2U Rack Space by ZCASE

ProX is a distributor of ZCASE® Flip-Readyâ„¢ Patented Hydraulic Lift Console Cases. Flip-Ready cases are made for easy transport and operation of your digital audio consoles and more. Typically, most console cases require two or more people to lift onto a table or stand. This live-in audio and lighting console case are made for a single user to transport, and roll in, and requires NO MORE HEAVY LIFTING – the console mechanism can be lifted vertically with the touch of one finger!

Our high-quality Flip-Ready™ Console cases are handcrafted in Poland by ZCASE® and are individually tested for quality assurance and functionality. This case is the answer to the prayers of every Audio and Lighting Technician who was faced with the challenge of setting up a FOH heavy console requiring two or more persons to transport and lift.

The Build
Our Flip-Ready ATA-300 Road Cases are exclusive by ProX North America. Made utilizing 1/2” and 3/8” Plywood. It’s equipped with a large doghouse storage area with left/right openings for routing/storing cables and accessories.  It has our signature Honeycomb Digitalâ„¢ surface-protected Shiek hexagonal pattern laminate that protects against minor scuffs and scrapes. The gas-powered rotational mechanism easily lifts the console into position with no effort involved. (Patent pending by ZCASE®)

Case Components

Heavy-duty Steel ball corners
Spring-loaded recessed rubber handles
Easy locking fit tongue and groove edges
Dual anchor rivets
Recessed butterfly twist-locking latches
Auto-Centering Penn Elcom 4″ Casters

Custom Order Options

Sold Separately – Not Included with this case build
1U or 2U Rack Space (Under Console)
1U Sliding Keyboard Shelf
Detachable Console Deck
Standard Laptop Arm + Tray
Ergotronâ„¢ Articulating Arm
All Black Hardware Finish

  • Flip-Readyâ„¢ Rotational Console Deck
  • Hydraulic Lifting Springs (Made in Germany)
  • Engineered to Balance Center of Gravity
  • Made with 1/2″ and 3/8″ Plywood
  • Warnex Coated Finish
  • Honeycomb Digitalâ„¢ Surface Protection
  • Large doghouse Area for cables
  • Vibro-Insulationâ„¢ for Internal Protection
  • 4x Industrial-grade Auto-Centering Casters
  • ProX 1-Year Limited Warranty*

Soundcraft® Vi2000


ProX Live

ProX Live Performance Gear

ProX creates products designed for professionals, by professionals. Our motto is simple: "Quality, without compromise." We believe the highest quality components, combined with cutting-edge design, allow us to achieve our goals at a competitive price point. Since 1984, ProX has manufactured flight cases for broadcasting, production, and touring companies. Now specializing in DJ controller cases for brands like Pioneer, Yamaha, and DiGiCo, as well as lighting cases, audio cases, stands, cables, and bags.

We use CNC technology in our manufacturing process to ensure cases meet strict specifications and tolerances, maintaining the high-quality standards ProX is known for. The brand listens to customer feedback and consistently create outstanding solutions for all your needs. Their Flip-Ready cases, handcrafted in Poland, undergo individual testing for smooth operation. The Flip-Ready design allows for easy, one-person movement from transport to operational position with virtually no effort.

GTR Direct is a proud dealer for ProX in Canada.

ProX Live Performance Gear Canada


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