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September 24, 2019
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September 24, 2019
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SOLARIS® TOUGH 180™ – Outdoor – RGBW

The SOLARIS® Professional TOUGH180™ is a high-performance 18 X 10W RGBW (Warm White) 4IN1 LED Par lighting fixture. Its compact design makes it ideal for Venue Installations and Outdoor Use. The fixtures is deemed for its sturdy aluminum casting, IP65 Rated, designed to withstand climate abuse and provide a budget friendly solution for even the most complicated of outdoor installations. A Narrow 25 degrees angle making the fixture ideal for lighting objects from a far which can be perfect for special lighting and long distance lighting needs.The use of RGBW (Warm White) 4IN1 10W LED allows you to reach almost identical Color tones as those achieved by the use of Conventional lighting.The Smooth Flicker Free operation makes this fixture it Ideal for TV use.The fixture can be controlled using any DMX-compliant controller (8 Channel Mode) as well as automatic operation mode, sound to light mode and manual mode.

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