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Best Digital Mixing Console and Stage Monitors to Connect via Ultranet


In live sound and studio recording, the choice of digital mixing console and stage monitors is crucial. These components not only influence audio quality but also affect setup ease and efficiency. With Ultranet technology, you achieve seamless connectivity and superior sound. This simple interface revolutionizes audio equipment interaction.


Ultranet is a proprietary audio networking technology developed by MUSIC Group, specifically for use with their Behringer and Midas lines of audio equipment. It enables the transmission of up to 16 channels of digital audio and control data across a single, lightweight CAT5 cable, facilitating significant reductions in cable clutter and setup complexity. This technology supports plug-and-play functionality, making it exceptionally user-friendly for quick setups at live events or recordings. By leveraging Ultranet, users can achieve low-latency, high-quality audio distribution, which is essential for maintaining synchronicity and sound integrity in professional audio environments.

Overview of Digital Mixing Consoles and Ultranet Technology

Digital mixing consoles have transformed audio management by converting analog signals into digital data. This conversion enhances sound control and simplifies settings recall. Additionally, Ultranet technology supports these consoles by enabling low-latency transmission of audio over a single Cat 5 cable. It simplifies setup, reduces cable clutter, and boosts audio quality, making it essential in modern systems.

Best Digital Mixing Console &  Stage Monitors Feature for Different Needs

Professional Live Sound Engineers

Professional live sound engineers often grapple with complex audio environments that demand precision and flexibility. By integrating a digital mixer with Ultranet-enabled stage monitors, the workflow becomes significantly more streamlined, leading to faster setup and fewer opportunities for errors. This technology simplifies cable management and enhances system reliability, allowing engineers to focus on refining the sound rather than managing technical setbacks. Such setups not only improve the quality of the audio output but also enhance the overall efficiency of event execution, making it ideal for live sound professionals looking for reliability and top performance.

Music Venue Operators

Music venue operators face the dual challenge of maintaining high audio quality and managing operational costs. Integrated Ultranet systems address these needs by combining cost-effectiveness with robust performance capabilities. These systems support a wide range of events, from intimate club gigs to large-scale concerts, ensuring that audio delivery is consistently clear and impactful. The durability of these systems also means less frequent replacements and repairs, offering long-term savings and reliability that are critical for maintaining a successful venue. Moreover, the ease of use and quick setup features of such systems help in reducing the time and labor typically required for audio setup and adjustment.

Touring Bands and Musical Acts

Touring bands and musical acts encounter a variety of venues, each with its own set of challenges, from differing room acoustics to varied audience sizes. A portable digital mixing console equipped with Ultranet connectivity can significantly enhance a band's performance through consistent, high-quality sound across these venues. The quick setup and easy-to-navigate adjustments offered by such systems allow bands to adapt to different acoustic environments swiftly, ensuring that their sound is always optimized for each location. This not only helps in delivering a superior auditory experience to the audience but also supports musicians in maintaining their performance standards regardless of venue constraints.

Ultranet Connectivity - Best Digital Mixing Console: Behringer Wing

The Behringer Wing sets the standard in digital mixing console design, incorporating advanced Ultranet technology. This mixer boasts 48 channels, extensive I/O options, and adaptable controls for any audio scenario. Ultranet integration streamlines the setup, connecting to stage monitors and other components with minimal cabling. Thus, the Wing is ideal for professionals seeking a powerful, flexible audio mixing solution.

Ultranet Connectivity - Best Stage Monitors: Turbosound TFX 122

Turbosound TFX 122 monitors are known for their sturdy build and exceptional sound clarity, making them top choices for professional monitoring. Connected via Ultranet, these monitors sync perfectly with the Behringer Wing, giving artists reliable, clear sound feedback. The use of Ultranet reduces latency and simplifies connections, key in live settings where clarity and speed are critical.

Setting Up the System

Setting up the Behringer Wing and Turbosound TFX 122 monitors with Ultranet is straightforward. Start by connecting the mixer to the monitors with a Cat 5 cable through the Ultranet port. This connection simplifies the setup by carrying multiple audio channels. Then, tailor the console settings to each performance environment. The system’s flexibility supports real-time adjustments, enhancing live sound experiences.


Opting for the Behringer Wing and Turbosound TFX 122 monitors with Ultranet technology offers unmatched benefits in digital audio management. This combination not only ensures superb sound quality but also simplifies live audio setups. If you are considering an audio system upgrade, this robust, efficient solution is highly competitive.


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