ENTTEC S-PLAY NANO DIN-Rail DMX Recorder & Smart Light Show Controller


ENTTEC’s S-PLAY NANO is a robust and compact DMX show recorder and playback controller that streamlines your light show by seamlessly integrating external hardware, enabling you to achieve smart lighting control with ease.

Features of the S-PLAY NANO:

  • Supports DMX port live recording and playback for 1 full DMX universe of 512 channels.
  • Records cues from DMX sources with the added convenience of a DMX value monitor.
  • Creates gradient Effect Cues using the in-built effect generator.
  • Features user-friendly web interface providing easy configuration options for recording Cues and editing Events/Triggers.
  • Allows users to create up to 4 Playlists, that comprising a maximum of 4 Cues, including Static, Dynamic, and Effect Cues.
  • Sends up to 4 automated Events from options: Relays, UDP & OSC.
  • Supports up to 8 Triggers from options: Digital Inputs, UDP, OSC and a Trigger button on the device.
  • Offers upgradable firmware to S-PLAY MINI for enhanced capabilities.



Enttec is an Australian company that specializes in digital and addressable pixels and DMX controls with stocks and services in North America. Enttec provides great costumer service and are reliable and cost effective offering a wide range of products like Pixel controllers, DMX Nodes, DMX Recorders. Enttec’s DMX-over-Ethernet solutions can convert Ethernet protocols to DMX, as well as the other way around. Smart, powerful and extremely flexible, these products are easy to connect and feature web-based configurations to control your lights remotely.

Products we've Tried and loved

The S-PLAY - smart light show controller. Plug and play show control technology has never before looked so good or been this easy to master. features built in controls to create, record and play cues.

The OCTO - LED pixel controller designed for ultra-fast deployment of LED strips and pixel dot systems. The OCTO supports Art-net, sACN  inputs to give flexibility to your projects. The Test/Reset button allows installers to quickly check wiring is correct without requiring a network connection.

The ODE - A reliable, installation-grade, Ethernet to DMX converter engineered to connect DMX fixtures to your Ethernet network infrastructure. This Ethernet to DMX converter is packed with installer-friendly features including industry standard 5-pin XLR ports to simplify wiring.


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