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LumiOS™ HPAR90
September 3, 2019
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September 24, 2019
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SOLARIS® HITMANX2™ – 230W BEAM Discharge

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The SOLARIS® HITMAN X2™ is a high-performance moving head lighting fixture with a 230W HRI 7R 230W lamp. A compact design makes it ideal for Venue Installations, Theatrical, Cinema, TV and Stage Use.The fixtures features a rotating and indexing gobo wheel with 17 gobos, a color wheel with 14 color filters with Half-Color Capability, high grade smooth mechanical step motors fitted for seamless moving of all the mechanical parts.The SOLARIS® HITMAN X2™ also features a pan-tilt feedback, coarse and fine control of movements and effects. The fixture has two rotating prism – an 8 classic prism and 6 linear prism which can work simultaneously and create special and unique beam effects. The fixture also includes motorized focus, Frost Lens for wash effect and strobe effect.The fixture can be controlled using any DMX-compliant controller as well as automatic operation mode , sound to light mode and manual mode.

All of our moving lights are designed and engineered in Canada. We offer superior service and warranty. All of our products are QPS certified





1 review for SOLARIS® HITMANX2™ – 230W BEAM Discharge

  1. Dasha

    Great product

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