Chauvet DJ 4Bar LT Quad BT Wash Lighting System

UPC: 781462218997UPC: 781462218997
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The rich, warm color-mixing power of amber LEDs comes to one of the most convenient pack-n-go wash lighting systems anywhere. This quad-color (RGBA) fixture comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology

Features of the Chauvet 4Bar LT Quad BT:

Complete wash lighting solution with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology
Control directly from a smart phone or tablet without any additional hardware
Generate a broad spectrum of colors and achieve natural-looking color temperatures with punchy amber LEDs
Easily set up and tear down in seconds with the included tripod, carry bags and footswitch
Create large, coordinated light shows with other 4BAR fixtures in master/slave mode
Achieve total room or stage coverage with 4 individually adjustable heads
Easily control static colors and automated programs with the optional IRC-6 remote
Sound-activated programs dance to the beat of the music


Chauvet DJ

CHAUVET DJ is a premier line of entertainment lighting, controllers and accessories for the mobile performer, DJs, clubs, corporate events and more. Offering the most value in the industry. Chauvet is a leading developer of luminaires, trussing, controllers, atmospherics and related equipment marketed globally under four main brands: CHAUVET DJ, CHAUVET Professional, Iluminarc, and ChamSys. Each Chauvet brand is well thought out to serve different customer needs but they all share the company’s focus on positively impacting every market segment with a competitive advantage in terms of value, innovation or performance.

Founded in 1990 by Albert and Berenice Chauvet, the company is widely recognized for its leadership in bringing successful concepts to market, including pioneering the development of affordable LED color mixing fixtures. The Chauvet mission is to elevate the world of lighting with customer-driven products at unparalleled value. We achieve this by following our VIP standards (value, innovation, performance) which motivate us to capture every technological and competitive edge to benefit our customers who are always our first priority.

chauvet dj logo


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